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We have made quality Motion Simulation accessible
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Motum Simulation is an high end provider of motion simulation products & services for the Automotive and Motorsport industry, along with suitable Aerospace and Defence applications. Australian made and designed, the MP6-VR Simulator is the world's first portable 6DOF motion simulator with immersive Virtual Reality allowing you to take the racetrack with you anywhere.




Our unique patented engineering architecture delivers 6DOF as a complete motion profile, excelling in peak and sustained G-forces. The result is a realistic solution providing the same motion cues you would expect from a race car allowing racing drivers to accurately translate what they do in the race car to the simulator, and vice-versa.

The simulator itself is modular in design, with solutions offered from a motion base only solution, to a full turnkey solution ready for use. Let us know of your requirements and we can ensure we deliver a solution tailored for your use.



Fully Configurable: Motion profile can be calibrated to end-user specifications

MotSim: Motion control software achieves synchronisation of over 35 sensory inputs & 24 directional synchronised movement cues

360 degrees of visual movement and multi-output surround sound

Software agnostic: Independent of software platform
including data logging & analysis. Key platforms used are iRacing, Assetto Corsa & Project CARS 2.

Footprint 1.8 x 1.7m with 400mm linear movement

Portable and plug-in (single phase / domestic power) with built-in forklift slots & retractable casters.



6DOF (6 degrees of freedom) is movement on all 6 axes, in every possible direction. This represents full range of motion, a complete motion profile.

6DOF has long been the gold standard of motion simulation (Aviation, Formula1) as it provides the best training outcomes. It is widely recognised as the essential requirement for realistic simulation, and is fast becoming a competitive necessity.


We can't test at Bathurst, but we've got the next best thing with our Motum Simulator, which we'll be cutting a lot of laps in before we get there!

James Hinchcliffe, Walkinshaw Andretti United

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