CAMS announce partnership with Motum Simulation

Motum Simulation along with the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) are pleased to announce a partnership which will see the world of motorsport and simulation racing combined. This partnership is set to launch at the Australian F1 Grand Prix this Thursday and will see Motum Simulation as the Official Simulation Partner for CAMS.

Steve Hoinville, the Director of Motum Simulation, is excited by this strategic alignment that sees the goals of both organisations fulfilled, “Our goals line up really well as we both work towards the improvement of driver skills in motorsport. CAMS recognise the essential role of simulation to the future of motorsport and we are thrilled to partner with them on this journey.”

CAMS will be using Motum Simulation for the majority of their driver testing, including the CAMS Junior and Elite Training Camps. The simulator will be used to improve outcomes for their up and coming driving talent.

The duo will also be putting together an esports series which combines Motum’s full motion simulator with the CAMS and FIA sanctioned Gran Turismo Sport video game. The details of the esports competition will be announced in future.

Motum Simulation ran the first motorsport esport competition last year at Etihad, the Virtual Sim Racing (VSR) Showdown. It’s likely that the new series will follow the same format, with real world drivers racing against simulation drivers.

Pro Sim Racer Simon Feigl from Evolution Racing Team believes this partnership will bring real credibility to the world of simulation racing. “Sim Racers are always looking for credibility that what we do aligns with real world racing. Having CAMS associated with Motum Simulation only helps to show that esports isn't just a game. It's virtual motorsport.”

Motum’s Esports & Partnerships Manager Michelle, sees the partnership as a step in the right direction, “We’re yet to see simulation racing make a real mark on the esports world. I think this is a great stepping stone towards bringing motorsport more fully into the industry.”

The Motum and CAMS partnership will make it first appearance at the Australian F1 Grand Prix in the Industry and Innovation Precinct. CAMS will be showcasing the simulator, with guests invited to set lap times against professional drivers.